TEVI’S Ideology

1. Physiology

Science of Corneotherapy is a basic concept in creating skin care compositions.

At the base of corneotherapy, the need to protect and to restore the stratum corneum, the destruction of which leads to the dehydration and dryness, appearance of skin diseases, allergies, infections.

Stratum corneum is the outermost of the layers of the epidermis and is largely responsible for the vital barrier function of the skin. Corneotherapy refers to preventive interventions and helps to prevent premature aging of the skin.

2. Savings

No water and chemical ingredients. Just a very small amount is being used for each application.

Usually, water is ranked first on the ingredients list, as the main component of cosmetics and its presence requires the introduction of emulsifiers, preservatives – biocides etc.

Water evaporates from the skin surface, but different chemical ingredients continue to affect the skin and whole body. In result, we pay a lot of money for small amount of water and components that are not healthy for us. And isn’t it easier and a lot cheaper to drink water and take a shower?

TEVI cosmetics is very economical, since it does not contain water, consist only of active beneficial ingredients and just a very small amount is being used for each application.

3. Realism

Full and detailed list of only natural ingredients without unreasonable promises.

Just the “active ingredients” are being mentioned very often in advertisements. But actually they are usually placed in the end of the ingredients list. The emulsifiers, petrochemicals, fragrances, biocides, etc. – are not less active, but there is a lot of information about the negative effects of many components, used in mass cosmetics – it’s the reason, why choose not to mention it.

In TEVI information you will be able to see a full and detailed ingredients list of every product. In addition, TEVI Skin care advertisements do not include unreasonable promises.