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SPA – direction (Sanitas Per Aqua) is becoming increasingly popular. TEVI handmade Cosmetics is created for professional level of skin care: Masks and Wraps, Aroma – Massage, the use in various programs – including SPA manicure and SPA pedicure.

The properties of  TEVI SPA cosmetics received recognition from beauticians that use it in their salons and SPA centers.  According to its qualities, it is professional cosmetics.

With TEVI it can be done.

SPA procedure by the method of the beauty salons.

We release our professional cosmetics in a special package – for home use. The properties of our home use cosmetics are the same like used in salons and spa centers.
The package consist of cosmetic products, necessary to perform all the basic steps of SPA programs:

  • Peeling – gently exfoliates the “extra” cells of the surface layer of the epidermis, stimulates cell renewal
  • Chocolate Body Masks or Body Balms for the main stage – chocolate or butter wraps.
  • Body Balm for the completion of the procedure.

The TEVI SPA is created to preserve the beauty and health of your skin.
All cosmetic products used in the Programs do not contain synthetic oils, emulsifiers, preservatives, dyes and perfumes.
Chocolate Masks and Body Balms rapidly change its texture, depending on the ambient temperature.

If you need a more fluid texture put the jar in a warm place and the cosmetic instantly “melts” in your hands and on the body. In hot weather, its enough to put the cosmetic in a cool place for a short time, and the texture becomes more dense.
Ready to use & easy to use.

Personal SPA Programs

Spa Skin Care - Various Spa programs

Tevi SPA Program – Pomegranate 1 & Karite

These Programs of skin care: moisturizes, nourishes and protects the skin, prevents premature aging of the skin, helps preserving its beauty and health.

The programs stimulate the renewal of skin and the metabolism, helps the skin to synthesize collagen and elastin, restoring the barrier function and water-lipid balance.

The standard program applies 1-2 times per week and consists of three stages.

1. Peeling

Helps cleanse the skin, gently exfoliates the “extra” skin cells, stimulates peripheral blood flow and lymph circulation,

Peeling enhances the effect of subsequent exposures.

    • “3 Seas” SPA – Scrub with salts from the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, and Wakame Algae, in combination with vegetable and essential oils.
    • “Choco – Salt” Scrub

– the unique combination of salt peeling with the effect of chocolate liquor and natural oils.

Apply to clean skin, massage lightly in circular moves. Leave on skin for a few minutes; use a napkin or a towel to remove the remaining salt from the skin. The total duration of peeling is 10 to 15 minutes. Quantity: depends on the area of application and the type of Program.

2. Chocolate Mask or Body Balm

To enhance the effect, wrap these areas with body wrap film or a disposable blanket. Apply on the whole body or specific areas with light massage movements. Duration: 20 – 30 minutes, then rinse off with warm water using cotton balls, napkin or towel; pat dry. Quantity: depends on the area of application and type of Program.

3. Completion of the procedure

Apply Body Balm with light massage movements for extra moisturizing and protection from adverse environmental effects. Quantity: depends on the area of application and type of Program.