Established in accordance to the physiological characteristics of the skin at different ages. Contains a unique Natural Tomato Lycopene antioxidant complex.  This all-natural extract of lycopene-rich tomatoes is called a tomato lycopene complex because it contains a whole complex of most powerful antioxidants.

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3 Seas Peeling - Contains salts from the Dead and Mediterranean Seas, Wakame Algae

Body Balms and Sea Scrub

For many centuries, handmade cosmetics were prepared from fresh plant and fruit oils, beeswax, that are beneficial to the skin and help to keep its youth and beauty.TEVI’S is using the same principles of the Compositions creation: do not use water, chemically synthesized oils, emulsifiers, perfumes, preservatives (biocides) and dyes.

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Chocolate Masks and Scrub

The “ChocoLux” Line consists only of natural ingredients, completely ready and easy to use.
Applying of Chocolate Masks tightens skin, helps to eliminate stretch marks and smooth out wrinkles, protects against premature aging, and helps to maintain skin health, prolong its youth and beauty

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Choco Salt Scrub/Peel - Natural Chocolate Skin Care
Programs of skin care for preventing premature aging of the skin, moisturize, nourish and protects the skin

TEVI SPA Programs

The properties of  TEVI cosmetics received recognition from beauticians that use it in their salons and SPA centers. These Programs of skin care for preventing premature aging of the skin, helps preserving its beauty and health, moisturize, nourish and protects the skin.

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