Natural Cosmetics, does it exist?

The term “Natural Cosmetics” is one of the most common in the advertising of various cosmetic companies

Natural Cosmetics – what does it mean? Which cosmetics are really Natural?
For now there is no worldwide approved meaning and regulations for these terms.

The European Committee of Experts on Cosmetic Products (September 2000):
“Natural cosmetics” are a complex and emotional subject. Many cosmetics can be referred to as natural cosmetics, although they contain a lot of ingredients which are not natural. The use of the term “natural cosmetics” as well as guidelines for the manufacturing, marketing and labeling differ from country to country.

The Committee of Experts proposes some determination on a “natural cosmetic product”, but still there are different opinions on this subject.

Natural cosmetics means – naturally occurring and safe ingredients. There is a proposal to define natural cosmetics as containing a certain percentage natural ingredients.

However, if you look at the composition of cosmetic products, you can see a list of ingredients in descending order. In “industrial” cosmetics it is typical that water would be in the first place on the ingredients list, the contents of which can get as high as 80 and more percent.

Water – a natural component, but its presence in cosmetics requires the introduction of emulsifiers, preservatives – biocides and other ingredients of the negative impact that emerging scientific data.

But isn’t it easier and better (and a lot cheaper) to drink water and wash yourself by water and get 100% natural water? Well, judge for yourself.

So, still there is no formal definition of natural cosmetics. Lately it became a widespread opinion that natural cosmetics does not exist at all, and that cosmetics must include chemical emulsifiers, preservatives – biocides and other ingredients that are necessary for production and storage of cosmetics.

Natural cosmetics is naturally occurring and safe ingredients

In advertising and annotations only “active ingredients” (vegetable oils, plant extracts etc.) are being mentioned but actually they are placed in the end of the ingredients list. Chemically synthesized emulsifiers, solvents, biocides – are not less active, but for some reason they choose not to mention it.

What about truly natural cosmetics, without water, petrochemical products, chemically synthesized oils, emulsifiers, preservatives- biocides, perfumes, dyes?

It exists. After few years of working TEVI’S came to a conclusion: natural skin care should be permanent and designed for long-term positive effects. Only that way it’s possible to achive the beauty and health of the skin.

For that reason TEVI natural handmade cosmetics earlier supplied to salons and SPA-centers that are being visited from time to time, is now available for permanent home use.