Handmade Cosmetics

Handmade Cosmetics - produced from fresh plant and fruit oils

In contrast to the natural oils water does not penetrate through the lipid barrier of the skin. It is easy to imagine what would happen after the first rain if water would penetrate our skin.

Creams are an emulsion, a mixture of water and lipids (fats). Water, the most accessible and inexpensive solvent, is the major component of the mass cosmetics.

The presence of water requires application of emulsifiers, preservatives – biocides and other chemical substances that are necessary just for the production and storage of those cosmetics.

All these components can have adverse effects on the skin, damage its barrier function and cause dryness and irritation.

Is there an alternative? There Is!

For many centuries, handmade cosmetics were prepared from fresh plant and fruit oils, beeswax, that are beneficial to the skin and help to keep its youth and beauty.

TEVI’S is using the same principles for the Compositions creation. Handmade cosmetics are fundamentally different from mass cosmetics by: composition, production technology, design and packaging.

TEVI’S do not use large mixers in which emulsion is “cooked”, homogenizers, cosmetics machinery, automated packaging lines, etc. The entire production process from mixing to packaging is a manual process, under special attention and supervision. This allows us to keep the useful properties of the natural components.

The self cost of  TEVI cosmetics is significantly higher than the mass one. This is due to the absence of water, chemicals, petrochemicals and other low cost ingredients in TEVI cosmetics. The cost of natural ingredients is very high and the handmade technology is very laborious.

However, TEVI cosmetics is very economical, as it consists only of active ingredients and just a very small amount is being used for each application.

Feeling the warmth of the hands with light massage movements, TEVI cosmetics perfectly absorbed, gives a pleasant sensation.

The texture of Balms and Chocolate Mask smay change depending on the environmental temperature. If you put the jar in a warm place the texture will be more fluid, the cosmetics instantly “melt” in your hands and on the body.

In hot weather, its enough to put the cosmetic in a cool place for a short time, and the texture becomes denser.

TEVI cosmetics combine principles and techniques that have proven effective in the age-old tests and knowledge cosmetologists third millennium.