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 Chocolate Mask – Chocolate Cosmetics
Tevi Chocоlate Mask can be applied by Brush

TEVI’S Chocolate Masks

Chocolate Masks consists only of natural ingredients, completely ready and easy to use.

Applying of Chocolate Masks tightens skin, helps to eliminate stretch marks and smooth out wrinkles, protects against premature aging, helps to maintain skin health, prolong its youth and beauty.

Important to know:

To use the beneficial properties of chocolate in cosmetology requires specially prepared compositions. Regular chocolate, which is often used for cosmetic purposes, contains sugar in a high percentage among the various food fillers.

Reactions between sugars and amino acids of proteins of the skin called “Maillard” reaction, or non-enzymatic glycosylation” – lead to the formation of modified materials: AGEs (Advanced Glycosylation End – Products), which contribute to reduction of skin elasticity, appearance of wrinkles and premature aging of the skin.

TEVI’S Chocolate Masks are created specifically for use in cosmetology: masks, body wraps, massage and various spa programs.

TEVI’S Сhocolate Masks synergistically combines:

  • Chocolate liquor (Cocoa Mass) is a sugar free pure black chocolate, which contains all the unique components of the cocoa bean
  • Cold Pressed vegetable oils
  • Plant Extracts
  • Natural Essential Oils
  • Beeswax

Cocoa Beans From Chocolate Tree

Cocoa Beans, Handmade Chocolate Cosmetics
Cocoa Beans

TEVI’S Chocolate Masks components help the skin to maintain the barrier function, synthesize collagen and elastin, stimulate metabolic processes, regulates the water-lipid balance of the skin, and retains moisture. Chocolate Masks rapidly change its texture, depending on the ambient temperature. If you need a more fluid texture put the jar in a warm place and the cosmetic instantly “melts” in your hands and on the body. In hot weather, its enough to put the cosmetic in a cool place for a short time, and the texture becomes denser.

Cocoa butter is being used in cosmetology for a long time now: to soften and tighten the skin, remove stretch marks after pregnancy, weight loss, but an extremely high antioxidant activity of polyphenols contained in the cocoa beans had remained virtually unused.

Due to the unique content of polyphenols, cocoa beans have the highest antioxidant capacity among the many useful plants and fruits. Polyphenols neutralize the aggressive free radicals, which is associated with the effect of the development of many diseases and premature aging. Polyphenols protects against damage to cell membranes and DNA genetic information.

Polyphenols are found in high concentrations in Chocolate Liquor (Cocoa Mass), which have not been used in cosmetology until now. The chocolate liquor is the major component of the Сhocolate Masks.

Black bitter chocolate has many useful properties due to the high concentration of Chocolate Liquor. In milk chocolate the polyphenols content is significantly lower. The so-called “white chocolate” containing only cocoa butter and does not have antioxidant activity, and in fact it is not real chocolate. The aroma of chocolate makes pleasure and improves the mood by stimulating synthesis of endorphins and serotonin, and is an aphrodisiac.

For most people the chocolate aroma stimulates the production of immunoglobulin A, an essential component of the antimicrobial and antiviral defense.