Chemical Free, Natural Handmade Skin Care Lines

100% Natural and Active ingredients, without water, mineral oils, propylene glycol and other petrochemicals, phthalates, parfumes, dyes, triethanolamine, parabens etc.

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Corneotherapy Founder Albert M. Kligman

Science Of Corneotherapy

Founded By Albert M. Kligman

About the Ingredients in Mass Cosmetics

Ingredients in Mass Cosmetics

Ingredients in Mass Cosmetics

Natural Cosmetics, does it exists

Natural Cosmetics, does it exist?

About Definitions & Reality

Company Overview

Over the years, TEVI’S have created handmade natural cosmetics, by the principles of Corneotherapy, for professional use and has received recognition from beauticians of beauty salons and SPA centers. In the compositions of TEVI Skin Care the modern knowledge about the structure and functions of the skin is combined with the knowledge and technologies that have

proven their effectiveness during centuries of experience. Under the new strategy of the company, cosmetics earlier supplied to salons and entirely new products are now proposed for home use according to salons techniques.  TEVI skin care products are fundamentally different from the “mass” cosmetics, by combining true naturalness and efficiency.

More About Tevi's Ideology

More About Tevi Ideology

The Basic Points

Handmade Cosmetics - There is an alternative

Handmade Cosmetics

There is an Alternative

About Skin and Cosmetics

About Skin & Cosmetics

A Little Bit About Physiology

Ideology & Philosophy



Corneotherapy is a basic concept in creating cosmetic compositions



Only beneficial ingredients which are healthy for the skin



Tevi Skin Care advertisements do not include unreasonable promises

Gifts From Nature - Tomato and Punica Granatum

Wonderful Gifts from Nature

Tomato & Punica Granatum

Cocoa Beans

Chocolate Cosmetics

From Cocoa Beans

Beauty SPA salon at home

Beauty Salon At Home

Personal SPA Programs

Tevi Showroom and products


See our showroom where you can browse through TEVI skin care lines which are produced only from natural ingredients based on the principals of Corneotherapy.

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We invite anyone who desires to start their own business and anyone thinking about the option of a new direction in an already existing business.

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